UPDATE on GB3LI – 12th January 2018

After a ‘recent’ visit to the site to investigate issues it appears the aerial needs replacing and while we’re doing that we’ll be replacing the coax. Thanks to various sources we have a new aerial and feeder.

Unlike the old days when you could visit the site and do work with minimal notice etc there’s lots of paperwork involved now to get onto the roof, let alone change anything. However there is some breaking news – the Health and Safety people have gone full circle and we’re pleased to report that granting access is now back with the Grain Terminal Manager who we’ll be contacting Monday to find out more.

In the meantime please bear with us – we’re trying to move things forward as fast as we can but paperwork and the weather haven’t been helping.

More news as and when we can.

Ken, G3WIC

NoV Holder GB3LI


source: http://www.ukfmgw.co.uk/

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